Entry #6

What A Ride

2011-11-18 23:17:40 by Los-Tres-Hermanos

Alright, update time.

With any luck I'll be graduating this coming semester. More on that some other time. Getting ready to start a webcomic. It's tenatively titled "Phreak." More on that later.

Working with the Proxy Theatre Company in San Antonio, if any of you are in the Lone Star State I recommend you check out their page at proxytheatre.org and keep an eye open for their coming season.

And now the part you all care about, animations! Manslaughter: The Comedy is well underway. I can't give you a release date yet, I'm so bogged down by school, work, and financial deadlines that I don't get to work on any of my projects with any frequency. Still alive. Promise.

Since I've been gone so long, have some new art!


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