What A Ride

2011-11-18 23:17:40 by Los-Tres-Hermanos

Alright, update time.

With any luck I'll be graduating this coming semester. More on that some other time. Getting ready to start a webcomic. It's tenatively titled "Phreak." More on that later.

Working with the Proxy Theatre Company in San Antonio, if any of you are in the Lone Star State I recommend you check out their page at proxytheatre.org and keep an eye open for their coming season.

And now the part you all care about, animations! Manslaughter: The Comedy is well underway. I can't give you a release date yet, I'm so bogged down by school, work, and financial deadlines that I don't get to work on any of my projects with any frequency. Still alive. Promise.

Since I've been gone so long, have some new art!

College Stuff.

2009-11-09 17:13:02 by Los-Tres-Hermanos

So yeah, college is fun. Working my ass off for slave wages, but no worries.

I haven't had time to sit down and have a lot of recording sessions that I'd need to do for most of my projects to get rolling. Also I haven't really done some casting. But once I get more production stuff organized I can start animating Small Problems. It's been in development hell for long enough.

In the meantime, since I have to draw something and I can't really do a complex animation with dialogue, I'm going to animate a video to a classic piece of music. It'll be a fun experience, and I can show you the style that Small Problems will hopefully be done in.

Got a bunch of new art up, feel free to check that out. Political cartoons and character designs and shit. Yeah, not much else to say.

Peace & Love,
-- Alex.

New Website!

2008-10-07 23:14:43 by Los-Tres-Hermanos

Alright, new website is up! Facebook fanpage, woohoo!


Yeah. So everyone sign up as fans. I'm working at lightning speed on an animation based on the "Michael Bay Dark Knight" script.

New Crap On The Way

2008-09-26 17:41:45 by Los-Tres-Hermanos

Ok, Halo vs Counterstrike II is in production. The going is slow... very very slow... but it is going. Some stuff you should probably see coming up sooner than HvsCSII will probably be another Small Problems short (or two) and potentially a music video. I've wanted to do a music video to "Coma" by Guns N' Roses. It is a long song, but it's a badass song. So I might do that. "Coma" seems like it would be a huge freakin' project so I'm hesitant and might just opt to do a music video of the GNR version of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" or "Civil War".

And now on to my life--the part none of you care about. Well, college is awesome. I got into Trinity University and I'm doing a bunch of shit there with the drama dept. I got cast in one of the mainstage shows, so any of you in the San Antonio area should totally check out Trinity University's production of Austin Pendleton's "Booth". We don't know what direction we're taking my character yet, but I'll either be an angry Irishman or a redneck hillbilly. We'll see.

Workstudy is awesome. I'm doing secretary work and running the box office here, and I'm also keeping the Speech and Drama pages updated and bug free for the school website. Apparently we didn't have someone doing my job last year, so I have to make new pages for the productions they had last year. It should keep me busy enough to get the hours necessary for the money I need.

Love life sucks, what else is new. Turned 19 on the 24th, got thrown in a fountain (Trinity tradition. On your birthday your friends throw you in a fountain here on campus.). I should be updating this more often from now on... hopefully once a week.

Well, in the meantime,
Peace and love!

-- Alex

Vista... damn you.

2007-12-28 13:36:48 by Los-Tres-Hermanos

Flash is really buggy on Vista. It keeps crashing. I hate it. Vista sucks.

Marxmas Update

2007-12-28 00:58:13 by Los-Tres-Hermanos

I got a new computer for Marxmas! I've named him HAL and I'm in the process of working on several animations at lightning speed thanks to his processor power! Some current projects include:

Halo vs Counterstrike II: R3v3ng3 0f t3h n00bs
Small Problems: The Animated Series
At the Mall
and a few other tricks up my sleeves.

Merry Marxmas and a happy new year.